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serena maria savi
serena maria savi

Serena Maria Savi was born in the beloved town of Cremona and lives and works in the Milan area since 1997, when she started her studies as an Industrial Designer at the Politecnico di Milano.

Since she was a child she liked the idea of designing, all sort of things: whatever she missed, she was ready to make it herself, from a doll's house to her clothes: playing was always boring if not connected with all sorts of transformations!

Creative and, at the same time precise and methodic, she had some years of experiences in furniture design, graphic, interior and she had the great opportunity to work with great names such as Dante Benini and Massimo Vignelli.

But she always had a special passion for jewelry and clothes, thinking that through a sophisticated (and absolutely fashion-independent) aesthetic choice we can transmit most of our personality. So, starting from 2009, she dedicates most of her time to the world of jewelry, bijoux and couture, trying always to design products adding new values and unexpected functions to them.

In 2013 her brand "Se.Ma..Vì design jewelry" is finally born.


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