SNAKY: IRON INSIDE , IRONY OUTSIDE - concept for a toothbrush


In 2003 I took part, together with Miranda Vucasovic, to an international competition to design "A toothbrush for the future" by GSK.

The main idea was to create a toothbrush that provides a new way to improve ergonomical and design aspects bearing in mind the possibility of using new materials. The toothbrush is made of Santoprene, thermoplastic elastomer that allows to exploit a transparent material putting in evidence that inside the toothbrush you can see the slab of harmonic steel thread with a thickness of 0,3 millimetres located in the middle of the toothbrush handle.The characteristics of the material give us a soft and comfortable surface obtaining a glad impression in touch as in mouth,while the harmonic steel thread has the characteristic to fitting its shape to the movement of the hand while brushing,always returning to its original shape after use. I wanted to keep the method of production of the bristles but covering the plastic also with Santoprene because in this way all the movements are safe protecting the mouth against involuntary bumps. The shape of the toothbrush gives the object some kind of universality,being easy touch helping in order to satisfy the requirements of all types of persons. Placing the toothbrush in the bathroom context I can find many connections with the environment.The bathroom,a place of water where everything is fluid; the water forms many waves that can transport us to other places. My toothbrush is like a wave travelling through our teeth and the natural movement gives the sensation that the object is getting alive during the use.

When I had a solid idea about my project I started to think simultaneously about communication; so in my imagination I compared the toothbrush with a little , amusing snake rising up from the basket and dancing with a sound of flute.The snake recalls the shape of the toothbrush and also the liberty of moviments produced by the brush going through the mouth.The basket became a toothbrush holder.I wanted to express my ideas in the phrase IRON INSIDE , IRONY OUTSIDE to underline the characteristics of the strong harmonic steel thread inside and the soft and ironic rubber outside representing these basic ideas across the words.