iSolo - concept system for waiting areas


I developed this concept in 2012 for the "Castelli design contest", welcoming cathegory.

The project stems from the desire to add to the Castelli catalogue a solution for situations often encountered in shared spaces: phone calls, video calls, brief meetings and working sessions that require unexpected comfort and related visual and sound privacy. I-Solo is a versatile system with different degrees of privacy, function and appearance. The system is formed by a chair (right and left) resting on a curved tubular (recurring element in the Castelli catalogue).The particular asymmetric plant  allows the use of the same in a very versatile way: side and back, both 63 cm wide, form between them an angle of 120 °.This not only allows the insertion of a shelf, articulated in 3 directions, and acts as an armrest or desk top, but also opens the door to new and different combinations.The possibility of approaching 3 armchairs creating a compact island  in which all the 3 users may have their privacy, for example, with the use of 3 sound absorbing paneling to separate the elements.Two armchairs, right and left, create a couch suitable for 2 or 3 people.The next free approach also allows to put two chairs in different directions: a more dynamic and original bench.The sound-absorbing panel, in one size, is applicable both to the back and to the side and also contributes to the visual privacy. Completes the system an element, triangular, placed next to the chairs with the function of shelf stable rather than a decorative element: the interior, after removing the plate, has a removable container which can become a vase for flowers and plants .The modularity allows endless solutions and combinations of elements, in the same space in different ways. So the system is suitable for small spaces and large lobby.The materials provided are in line with the Castelli production: upholstery, fabrics, tubular. Is recommended for the shelves DuPont ™ Corian ®.