INVASO - concept for a composable modular vase

2012 - xyz competition


Invaso is a modular system for pots / containers from simple pipe sections of different diameters, heights, metals, colors and finishes, stacked as desired in the taste of everyone. Metal rings, surrounded by a silicone gasket extruded, allow the juxtaposition of the outer rings so that they do not touch the gasket and retain liquids making the assembled more solid. The various pieces of different colors and finishes should be purchased separately to allow customers to assemble and use them at will. The base alone, 2 cm high, can be used as a coaster, while low and wide combinations could even become ground vases or bowls.
Materials and sizes_
Steel pipe / copper / brass / aluminum anodized, satin and polished thickness 2 mm diameter: cm 6/9/12 Height: 2/4/6/8 cm

aluminum tube thickness 2 mm diameter: 5.5/8.5/11.5 cm Height: 19 mm

silicone seals, extruded 16mm L x D 2.5 mm

sheet steel / copper / brass / aluminum anodized, satin and polished thickness 2.0 mm, Diameter: 5.6/8.6/11.6 cm

Dimensions folded and welded end of the object : outer diameter: cm 6/9/12 Height: 2 cm and higher.