INS-TABLE concept for a multy function tray

2012 - xyz competition


INS - TABLE is an object formed by two simple elements which have a function combined together (INS-erted into one another), as well as separated.A metal sheet in A4 format, cut and folded, is the INS-table base of the project: The bottom cylindrical section leads the object-container to tilt slightly to one side to level off, because in an ideal balance position  the sides would be suspended from the base of a couple of mm. This alone serves as a bowl or empty pockets.A plastic sheet, cut and curved, when combined makes the first become stable and suitable to become a tray, combining the handles of the first with the horizontal plane of the second.The processing of the plates reduces waste of material as possible, and both materials, being naturally separated, remain easily recyclable. The overall dimensions of the final object is minimum and the two elements are separately stacked.

Materials and sizes:
Sheet aluminum or stainless steel. Thickness 1.5 mm, dimensions of the plate of origin: A4.Methacrylate plate etched in various colors. Thickness 3 mm, size of home plate: 23 X 26 cm.Final size of the combined object: 29.7 x 22.6 x 2.2 cm.