BUGIA - concept for a candle holder

2012 - xyz competition


Everyone knows that the candle holder in italian is also called "Bugia", that also means "Lie". The name was the main inspiration, along with the traditional elongated shape of the candles, for this project. A slab laser cut and folded to resemble a face to the abstract, that of Pinocchio! The candle completes all becoming a nose that, instead of stretching, slowly gets shorter ... The plate extends to the base to give stability to the object and to accommodate the liquid wax produced from the melting. The eye, however, can easily become the handle for carrying the object: it is sized and positioned so as to be able to comfortably accomodate a finger. Finally, the mouth is the point at which the beginning and the end of the sheet are welded together, giving stability to the whole.
Materials and sizes:
Sheet aluminum or stainless steel. Thickness 1.0 mm, size of the plate of origin: from a sheet of 1.5 mx 1.5 m can be obtained up to 99 pieces. Finished Size folded and welded object: 13 x 5 x 7.5 cm