ADABED - bed (add-a-bed)


I designed this bed in 2015, actually for Ada, my two years old daughter, and then decided to produce a prototype in Enameled multilayer wood.

It is a totally functional product, with space under and at the back to optimize stuff in our quite small apartment. Still it is a very large bed (120 cm) so me and Ada can sleep together when necessary. I liked the idea of putting a bookcase (she loves story-telling before falling asleep) in the back that could be accessible being the bed close to the wall but also giving us the possibility to move the bed in the middle of a bigger room in the future, giving a sense to it. Also, the moon and stars (Ada has a particular interest in the moon) can be illuminated at night by a lamp we can put on the bookcase (ada hates the total dark...).

Off course when she'll be grown up the drawing can be covered with a soft padding.